"Belmonte" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L

Reference: ODOBEL3LT

The extra virgin nocellara olive oil of Belice Valley is a dual purpose crop, and it is used above all as table olives in the areas where it is spread the most, according to the transformation method called “castelvetranese”. 


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Strong on average, prostrate habit, reamed foliage


Straight and wide, smooth, bright green


20 flowers for each inflorescence grouped together in 4-5 well separated grapes; self- incompatible; blossom time from the end of April to the first ten-days of may. 


Big and almost spherical fruit. Its colour can be from deep bright green to wine red. It is a dual purpose fruit and used above all as table oil. 


When the olive is picked green, it has a good fruity and above all a spicy and bitter flavour. When it is completely ripened, it has also a tomato flavour, which is called sensation and is deeper in the hills areas. Good time solidity. Oil performance 18-20%


Nebbia, Mazzara, Olina Tunna, Nuciddara


Poor resistance to peacock spot, cercospora and verticillium albo-atrum. 

The nocellara of Belice Valley is an olive of superior category both for its performanceand quality. Its oil is green, and its aroma is tasty and fruity. The extraction is made within 24 hours after the picking only with cold pressingprocesses without chemical handlings. The oil is protected by the PDO VAL DI MAZZARA

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