Natural saffron in the form of stigmas


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It is the most precious spicy, known since the antiquity. It is obtained by the stigmas of the crocus' flower (crocus sativus), through a patient and finicky handmade processing. Then the extracted stigmas are dried at the heat of braziers at a temperature of about 40°.

1.15 milligrams portion for 4 people

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The saffron in the form of stigmas is a guarantee of authenticity and quality of the product. Since it has a high business value, this spicy has been adulterated using the stigmas of other flowers and/or similar vegetable substances which imitate the colour (Es. Turmeric, sandalwood, etc.)

In kitchen

To use the saffron on the form of stigmas correctly, we advice you to immerse them in a few boiling hot water or broth for a couple of hours, and to add the broth, which got the characteristic yellow colour,  and the stigmas to your receipt. 

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