Wild marjoram Gold bunch 40gr

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It is widespread in all Mediterranean countries and in the uncultivated fields. Its aromatic leaves are much used for cooking. It is useful to care nervous gastro-enteric upsets; it is also antiseptic because it contains a high quantity of “Thymol”. 


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The marjoram is a perennial plant belonging to the family of "lamiaceae". Its stem is high, more or less hairyand its leaves are ovaland have the petiole. Its flowers are grouped in panicles and the plant has creeping roots. The young branches with the leaves are picked and dried in a place with a normal heat in May and June. As well the upper part of the flowers can be used. If the leaves are creased, they emanate a penetrating smell. The marjoram has a spicy aromatic flavour, and it is used a lot in the French, Spanish and Greek cuisine, but Italy is the country that uses it the most. 

In cooking: It is used to season thepizza, the tomatoes, the eggs, the meat, the boiled potatoes, the salads and the cheeses. It is good also with the grilled or roasted meat, the fish and the crustaceans. 

INTERNAL USE: It stimulates the secretion of the gastric acids in the bowel, it helps the digestion, mitigates the contractions in the bowel and eliminates the gas. It is used as sedativeto treatthe cough, it makes the elimination of the phlegm easier and has a mild purifying action. The inhalations of wild marjoram cleared the noise, alleviating the sensation of occlusion, of something lying heavily on the head and the neuralgias related to it. 

EXTERNAL USE: It is good to purifythe mouth and the throat and also to cicatrize the wounds. 

Pour 15 gr. of the upper part of flowers
and leaves of wild marjoram in a half- litre of water. Boil for 5 minutes and then filter it. 

DECOCTION AGAINST THE ASTHMA: Boil 30 gr. of the upper part of flowersand leaves of wild marjoram in a litreof water for 10 minutes. Filter the liquidwhen it is tepid, sweeten it with honey and drink it during the day. 

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