Seedless Vanilla Oranges

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Vanilla Oranges of Ribera are different from the W. Navel variety because the first ones have a sweet vanilla taste and are seedless. 


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The Orange Vanilla of Ribera is a blond cropwithout navel. It comes from the maturation of the vanilla's bud as seed in the area of Ribera and then it spreadin the surroundingswith the name SeedlessVanilla of Ribera. It is the only vanilla variety with a very low level of acidity (acid-less 0,06 – 0,15%), and the smallest pellicles' thickness inthe world. The fruit is picked from December to March. The Seedless Vanilla orange is appreciatedand recommended to those who suffer from gastric and intestinal upsets, because it contains a very low quantity of acids.The Oranges of Ribera are picked only after the placement of the order and you will get them in 48 hours. 


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