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Almond is an ingredient very much used in several traditional cooking, both in sweet and salty courses. It is picked by hand and rods (flexible sticks from 3 to 5 meters long) between august and September.


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As all the edibleseeds, the almonds are low-calorie, 500-600 kcal/100g. The 50% is formed bylipids, so they have to be consumed with thriftif there is the probability to become over- weighed or to get the correlated ills. The sweet almond contains from 18 to 22 gr of proteins, 54-55 gr of lipids (above all unsaturated), 19-20 gr of carbohydrates and about12 gr of fibres. There are between 23,6-26 mg of vitamin E in 100gr. of edible product. The magnesiumis the most present mineralin the almond (100 gr. of skinned almonds contains almost 270 mg of it). The quantity of ironis about 3 mg, and the calciumone is 220 mg. 


Thank to the high percentage of “good” lipids, the almonds lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, and they contribute to the well-being of the arteries and the heart. They are a strong natural antioxidant, they preserve the youth, the beauty of the skin and the well- being of the hair. Thank to the high quantity of iron, they are a good remedy against the anaemia, while the calcium makes the almonds precious for the well- being of the bones. Some studies demonstrated as well that the almonds have positive effects on the people with the second type of diabetes, improving sensitivity to insulin. 

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