Ciaculli Late- Season Tangerine

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The name “Ciaculli Late-Season Tangerine” is said to have derived from that of the village where it was discovered during its ripening, later than the more common varieties. 



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This is “Avana” variety, from which the selections Seedless Avana and Late-Season of Ciaculli were obtained. Its origins are absolutely natural. Its strong flavour, its sugarcontent, its thick skin and the presence of seeds make the Late- Season of Ciaculli one of a kind. 

At the table The Late- Season of Ciaculli tangerine is juicy and has a high sugar content, so it is very good if eaten fresh. The Sicilian pastry cooks and the ice-cream makersuse it to prepare several products: water ices, ice-creams, jelliesjuices, strong drinks and marmalades adding some lemon juice. They are picked only after the placement of the order and you will get them in 48 hours. 


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