Pink Grapefruit

Reference: POMROS18

The Grapefruit is a natural hybrid between Citrus maxima (the shaddock) and Citrus sinensis (the sweet orange). The Yellow Grapefruit is a very robust plant and it grows up to 12 meters. It has a round shape and thick leaves.  



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The pink grapefruit is a hybrid with the Orange tree. Many buyers are been interested in it and there have been other hybrids above all with the bloodorange tree. Good outcomes have been reached: the fruit is becoming even more coloured and sweet, and its skin is getting thinner. Nowadays the pink grapefruit is only a variety of the yellow one, but it could happen that it will shortly become an autonomous specimen of citrus. It already happened to the Clementine: when a hybrid gets peculiar qualities which could be easily repeated, maintaining unvaried its new characteristics, it gets the specimen status. We do not have to forget that it even happened – in the past- also to the orange and the lemon tree. 


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