Yellow Grapefruit

Reference: POMGIA10

The Grapefruit is a natural hybrid between Citrus maxima (the shaddock) and Citrus sinensis (the sweet orange). The Yellow Grapefruit is a very robust plant and it could grow up to 12 meters. It has a round shape and thick leaves.  



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Its leaves are oval and dark green, with a winged stem and a pliable thorn below its armpit where its big flowers are usually grouped together(which the name "grapefruit" comes from, that is fruits grouped in a grape). Its fleshis juicy,a little bit bitter and sour, usually yellow, or pink- red in some varieties. Its seeds are white and poly embryonic. The fruit is eaten fresh or used to produce marmalades. 

Varieties The businessclassification is based on: the ripening time which is early, middle-season and late- season; the colour of the flesh which is clear and coloured; the presence of seeds: with seeds it is more suitable for industry and seedless is more suitable to be eaten fresh. Some seedless varietiesare: Marsh(with a clear flesh), RedblushStar Ruby and Pink Marsh, all with a coloured flesh. 


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