Limoni di Ribera

Lemons of Ribera

Reference: LDR18

The box is made of wood to guarantee the authenticity of the product. The lemons of Ribera are picked only after the placement of the order and you will get them in 48 hours. 



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The Lemon (Citrus limon (L.) Burm.) comes from India and Indochina. The lemon tree (it grows up to 6 meters) has an open habitand its fruit branches are prostrate; its branchesare usually prickly. Its leaves are alternate, reddishwhen young and then dark green above and clearer below and usually elliptic; its stem is a little bit winged. They could be called verdelli and used to produce the lemon liquor, or yellow; the skin is rich in essential oils and it could be more or less thin. The flesh is divided in eight-ten segments; it is usually very sour and juicy. Many varieties are seedless. 


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